Deodorant Study Reminders

24 hours before your Baseline appointment you must follow the specific directions you were provided on washing your underarms with the study supplied soap and wear your study supplied t-shirt (including sleeping) until you come for your Visit 2 appointment.

  • Your wash MUST be done on Sunday 11/1/2020
  • Check your instruction sheet for the time range to do this
  • Record the time your wash was completed
  • You must bring the Instruction Sheet with you with the time you completed your 24 hour At Home Wash on it. Compensation will be deducted if you do not bring it with the time recorded.
  • Please make sure your clock has been changed for daylight savings time before final wash.

Do NOT wash your underarms again until after the Visit 2 odor evaluation is completed.

  • Do NOT wash your underarms the day of your visit
  • Do NOT swim, use hot tubs or immerse yourself in chlorinated or saltwater starting 2 days before this visit
  • Do NOT use alcoholic beverages at least 24 hours prior to this visit
  • Do NOT eat garlic, onions or any other foods with strong smells at least 24 hours prior to this visit
  • Do NOT drink coffee and or chewing gum for at least 2 hours prior to this visit
  • Do NOT wear on your body or clothing any scented or strong-smelling products such as perfume, cologne, lotions, scented hair care products, laundry rinse or bleach products

You MUST bring your instruction sheet with you and record the time you completed your 24 hour at home wash on it.

You must call when you arrive before entering the building.

You will be required to wear a face mask during this visit.

If you have any questions, please call us at 612-781-3400.