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Have you ever wondered how a manufacturer can honestly make a claim about their product? It’s because of people, like you, who are interested in putting those claims “to the test.” We welcome you to join our database of willing participants. You’ll earn extra income if you qualify and complete a study.

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Every study is different. Every subject is unique.  Our sponsoring companies ask for unique subject participants depending on their testing needs.   When you become a database member, we will learn a little bit about your attributes and match those to our sponsors’ needs during our recruitment process.

We respect all study participants and recognize your rights as a study participant. 

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At CRG we perform a wide-variety of hair related studies, aimed at making better hair-care products for consumers such as yourself, including products aimed at understanding or improving hair health, shine, color, tone, and damage reduction.


No matter your skin type, we likely will have a study for you! We perform skin studies aimed at improving the appearance of fine-lines and wrinkles, dark circles, facial blemishes, eczema and acne. We also perform extensive testing of facial/body moisturizers and cleansers, as well as men’s grooming.

Luxury Cosmetics

Every year we test dozens of ultra-high-end cosmetics, including lip stick, eyeshadow, blush, foundation, moisturizers, cleansers, eye liner – you name it! Why not get paid for using a luxury cosmetic product.


We conduct studies that help keep baby’s bottom fresh and comfortable. If you’re a mom with an infant/child in diapers, you’ll enjoy being a part of our diaper studies, which typically supply you with ample diapers and wipes during the study, plus we pay you for your participation!

Antiperspirant / Deodorant

Women glow. Men perspire. However you describe it, the result is not so pleasant. In our climate controlled room, we test deodorant and antiperspirant products too.

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