Professional, Qualified, and Committed to Excellence

We are a group of trained and experienced research professionals committed to excellence on every project.

For more than 20 years, CRG has provided quality data to the world’s leading manufacturers of personal and beauty care products.  This is our sole focus.  Our team can satisfy your testing needs.

Meet the CRG Team

Tracey L. Baubie


Craig A. Swager

Corporate Founder

Sherry Schmitt-Newman

Site Director/Clinical Specialist/Expert Grader

Jennifer Chelton, CCRP

Senior Clinical Coordinator

Lauren Nickell, CCRP

Senior Quality Assurance Coordinator, Clinical Coordinator

Micheal Roumo

Clinical Coordinator, Quality Assurance Coordinator

Laura Nordrum

Clinical Coordinator, Quality Assurance Coordinator

Vongvilay (Vonnie) Khammounheuang

Quality Assurance, Cosmetologist

Ellen Leahy

Clinical Coordinator

Sarah Strand

Clinical Coordinator, Quality Assurance

Maggy Rouse

Clinical Coordinator, Cosmetologist

Tammy Jungbauer

Clinical Associate

Kasey Ferguson

Clinical Associate, Cosmetologist

Yvonne (Bonnie) McKee

Receptionist/Recruiting Specialist

Nadine Leahy

Purchasing, Accounts Payable

Dr. Sherri Long


Dr. Margareth Pierre-Louis


Dr. Mimi Cho


Dr. Anne L. Weiss


Dr. Paul F. Bruer


Dr. Greg Johnson

Internist/Sports Medicine Physician

Davin Brandt

Senior Clinical Imaging Specialist

Sarah Ernhart

Clinical Imaging Specialist

Daniel McLaughlin

Clincial Imaging Specialist

Jeffrey Lloyd

Clincial Imaging Specialist