Subject Bill of Rights

Anyone who is asked to participate in a research study at CRG or who is asked to consent on behalf of minor has the following rights:

  • To be fully informed of the nature and purpose of the research study including all procedures to be performed/followed.
  • To be treated with respect in every aspect of the research process.
  • To have adequate time to consider whether to participate.
  • To be given a description of any risks, discomforts and/or inconveniences reasonably expected from participation.
  • To be given a description of any benefits you may reasonably expect from participation or be informed of no possible benefit.
  • To be provided an explanation of any alternative procedures that might be available to you, as well as the relative risks and benefits.
  • To ask any questions about the research study or other procedures involved.
  • To be told about how you may be withdrawn and that you may ask to withdraw, at anytime, without changing your rights to healthcare or other services.
  • To decide whether to participate in the research study without force, fraud, deceit, duress, coercion, or undue influence.
  • To be given a signed and dated copy of the consent form, when one is required for the research.
  • To be informed of where to get medical treatment if problems from the research study arise, if applicable.